North Railway Station

Plan of the new urban district at Vienna's North Railway Station

© Studio Vlay

At Vienna’s North Railway Station in the second district an entirely new urban district comes into being, at a size of 85 hectares. The design by STUDIOVLAY emerged victorious from a EU-wide competition as regards urban development for a part (35 hectares) of that area. Next to planning outlines and building heights for future buildings as well as the prospective traffic, attractive green areas and open spaces were a declared goal for the redesign of the former cargo railway station “Wien Nord” (North Vienna). An analysis of the wind comfort for the building development and open spaces of the winning project was a basis for discussion for relevant micro climatic questions in the planning area. As a result of the interactive process Weatherpark developed guidelines for the further formulation of individual construction fields and recommendations for the design of the open spaces.

Weatherpark’s Services
Diagnosis of wind comfort conditions in the new urban district
Participation in the preparation of the mission statement as regards urban development Nordbahnhof

Basic data city district development Vienna’s North Railway Station
Development area: 650.000 m²
Total floor area: 1,2 Mio. m²
Use: apartments, offices, commercial and service enterprises, a school and kindergarten
All in all, until 2025 about 10.000 apartments for 20.000 residents and offices with approx. 10.000 workplaces will come into being.

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