Weatherpark is Austria’s leading company for urban climatology and wind research. Our team of experts consists of experienced meteorologists and technicians.

With our advisory services and action planning in the fields of wind comfort, human comfort and microclimate, our aim is to ensure quality of life and to optimize the well-being of people. Our services also pave the way for cost savings by avoiding change of plans or structural extensions or additions at a later point.

Top priority for us is individual client liaising and support. We apply highly specialized computational models to present a clear picture of the current and future meteorological situation. In individual advisory services we explain influencing factors and possibilities for improvement of your project. Upon request we develop measures together with our clients that suit existing resources.

Our team:

Geschäftsführer von Weatherpark (vlnr): Mag. Simon Tschannett, Mag. Matthias Ratheiser, Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Gepp

Executive directors of Weatherpark (fltr): Simon Tschannett, Matthias Ratheiser, Wolfgang Gepp

  • Wolfgang Gepp
  • Matthias Ratheiser
  • Simon Tschannett
  • Isabel Auer
  • Lena Holzer
  • Alena Salvini-Plawen