Wind comfort

Pleasant wind conditions in open spaces around buildings and on public squares can be intentionally planned and realized. The goal is a sense of well-being for residents and passers-by and longterm successful exploitation of real estate.

The success of a building comes with its inhabitants being comfortable not only inside it, but around it in the open space. This allows a successful long-term use for business or residential purposes.

Nur bei angenehmen Windverhältnissen hält man sich gerne im Freien auf - Weatherpark sorgt dafür!Wind plays a vital role thereby: pedestrian paths, (roof-)terraces, gardens and building entrances are only used gladly when wind conditions are pleasant. Wind comfort is thus an important aspect when planning a new building. Weatherpark calculates and simulates the present and future wind situation for you. Should strong winds caused by the building(s) occur too frequently, we will develop measures together with developers and architects. These might range from a slight change of the building orientation to small aerodynamic design adaptations up to wind-optimized landscaping with trees and hedges.

The wind situation can also be improved around existing houses.

Wind comfort is a feel-good factor not only around high-rise buildings but also around lower buildings and on public squares. Drafts may be caused by wind corridors which make waiting for the bus, sitting on a bench in a park or in an outdoor dining area unpleasant. The right choice of location, glass panels or additional vegetation can help.

Simulation mit VektorenWe support developers, architects, urban planners and private apartment resp. home owners with our advisory services, studies and action planning:

  • to establish a pleasant wind situation around a building or on a public square.
  • to contribute vitally to a modern and environmentally conscious urban design.
  • to improve the value and positive image of a building or square.
  • to enable the longterm successful exploitation of real estate for residential or business purposes.
  • to comply with official guidelines regarding wind comfort.

Apart from wind conditions, the interaction of sun, air humidity and temperature determines a sense of well-being outdoors. Weatherpark thus also offers studies of human comfort.

Under the menu item “references” please find some of the wind comfort projects carried out by Weatherpark.