Our team of experts consisting of experienced meteorologists and technicians offers developers, architects, urban planners and private apartment resp. home owners the following services in the fields of wind comfort, human comfort, microclimate and further special meteorological questions:

  • advisory services to the desired extent,
  • compilation of studies,
  • action planning and/or
  • expert monitoring of calls for proposals and competitions – for the awarding authority as well as for participants.

Our aim is to sustainably secure quality of life of inhabitants and users of buildings, districts and whole cities and optimize the level of comfort for people.

Advisory services
We assess the current situation and the building project and furnish an opinion. Our clients get to know whether the project fulfills in principle the criteria regarding wind comfort, human comfort or microclimate or whether we recommend a revision of planning or measures respectively. We would also be happy to advise you on the basis of climate functions maps and planning advice maps.

Study including calculation and simulation
Weatherpark calculates and simulates the local and regional meteorological situation caused by the new building(s). Data from existing weather stations is used. As these stations are often located far away from the building or the construction site, and the geographical situation such as building constellations, districts and river valleys is thus not taken into account, we set up additional devices on site. After three months of measuring, data is analyzed and combined with the architect’s plan. A descriptive simulation shows exactly to which extent wind comfort, human comfort or a pleasant microclimate is reached. Should measures for improvement be necessary or desired, they can easily be implemented in the planning stage. Even if the building or square has already been erected, possibilities for improvement can be found.

Action planning
Together with developers and architects we develop measures
– when our study shows potential for improvement at new buildings or public squares
– for existing buildings or open spaces with increased unpleasant climatic conditions.
Weatherpark quantifies the comfort raising impact of measures and provides a graphic and written description.

Expert advice for invitations for calls for proposals and competitions
We assist with invitations for tender. We define guidelines, examine the competition entries, develop a test matrix and participate in the jury sessions.

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