Graz: Basic concept of Urban Climate Analysis


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The City of Graz has traditionally monitored its urban climate for many years. As the issues of “climate change – urban development” are becoming increasingly important, the City of Graz resolved in 2020 to evaluate the available information/documents relating to the urban climate and to subsequently update and/or further develop them. The objective of this comprehensive process was an innovative analysis known as Urban Climate Analysis 2.0 (SKA 2.0).

During the first phase of the process Weatherpark helped the in-house municipal working group to define the requirements, components and goals of the new SKA 2.0 and to organise the implementation procedure.

This included arranging in-house municipal workshops to capture and analyse existing data sources and ongoing projects in the city. The working group then debated possible methodological approaches to implementation in discussions with potential partner institutions (universities, research centres, national meteorological services, etc.).

Weatherpark used these findings together with empirical values to develop content-based and organisational recommendations for the subsequent steps on the path towards SKA 2.0:

  1. Establishing an interdisciplinary project consortium for long-term cooperation: to apply different methodology to in-depth subsidiary aspects of various bodies
  2. Phased procedure: Implementing the Climate Information System according to the VDI guideline as the first step, using this as the basis for in-depth analyses
  3. Dynamic handling of the outcome: Active use of the intermediate results, examining and responding to them in the next steps
  4. Defining clear-cut responsibilities and anchor points

The actual realisation process of SKA 2.0 then commenced with implementation of these recommendations in June 2020. Weatherpark will also be offering the Working Group SKA 2.0 its expertise during implementation. Details of these consultancy service can be found under References “Graz: Process support with Climate Information System”.

Services of Weatherpark
Process support for the City of Graz on its path towards Urban Climate Analysis 2.0
Guidance and support for workshops
Acquisition, evaluation and synthesis of input from in-house municipal bodies and stakeholders
Incorporation of experience and expertise ensuing from similar process support offered to other cities in Austria
Recommendations for further steps to be taken by the City of Graz on its path towards Urban Climate Analysis 2.0

Environmental Agency of the City of Graz

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