Summer comfort Marburgerstraße, Graz (A)

Freiflächen der Marburgerstrasse in Graz

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Five houses with residential units, common rooms, shops and a coffee house are planned on the property at Marburgerstraße 10 in Graz. The houses will be surrounded by private and public open spaces such as a terrace, a playground and a “market place” as a meeting point.

Weatherpark was asked to diagnose the current and future summer comfort to establish the best possible quality of stay outdoors. For this purpose, the actual and planned states were analysed in a microclimatological computational model. In a next step, measures to reduce heat stress in sensitive areas were developed (e.g. additional greenery and desealing).

Rendering der neuen Häuser in der Marburgerstrasse in Graz

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The physiological equivalent temperature PET was used as a measure for summer comfort. When calculating this thermal index, air temperature as well as radiation, wind, humidity etc. are included. Furthermore, physical properties (age, height, weight, clothing etc.) and energy balance of human beings are taken into account.

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Analysis of summer comfort based on the felt temperature PET

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