Urban District Central Railway Station Vienna


The new Central Railway Station Vienna and the many areas of public space on the 109 hectare compound is a project of the century. To the City of Vienna, it is of great importance that public squares are accepted and used by its residents and the capital’s visitors. Therefore, Weatherpark was commissioned to explore wind conditions in this new urban area. The first step was a diagnosis followed by the joint development of measures for so called hot spots. Hot spots show wind speeds more often which will be found unpleasant. The special feature of this study was the fact that the suggested measures were already considered in the master plan phase. Only at this early stage are changes regarding the orientation of streets (to avoid wind corridors) or considerations regarding future use (such as building orientation) possible.

Plan of the Urban District Central Railway Station Vienna

© ÖBB/Stadt Wien

The study is meant to be a basis and source of inspiration for detailed development of measures at individual construction areas or for parks by property developers as well as for further planning by different city departments.

Weatherpark’s services
Wind comfort study for the whole new urban district central railway station
Advisory services for urban district planners regarding planning scheme

Basic data
City district central railway station area: more than 109 ha (equivalent to Vienna’s 8th district)
Green area: 8 ha


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