Marximum Vienna


The Marximum building in Vienna is an office campus with trendsetting energy and air-conditioning technology. An important part of the indoor climate concept are external blinds, which were installed at all windows of the office complex. On warm days with plenty of solar radiation it is essential for the indoor temperature that the blinds go up only in case of an absolute necessity, i.e. according wind speed – for the stronger the sun heats up the offices, the higher is energy consumption for cooling the building.

Picture of the Building Marximum in Vienna

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To meet this objective, project developer Hochtief Development Austria turned to Weatherpark. The advice provided by the wind comfort specialists allowed planning a selective sun protection control which considers the current wind data at each blind. When reaching a critical wind speed, not all blinds go up, but only those exposed to strong wind. In addition, the best installation sites for the wind sensors were identified in an interactive process.

Weatherpark Services
Advisory services regarding control of sun protection devices and positioning of wind sensors

Basic data Marximum
5 office buildings
approx. 40.000 m² office rental space
2009 accepted as Green Building by the Austrian Energy Agency

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Hochtief Development Austria GmbH

Current Owner
Swiss Life REF (DE) Key Metropolitan Areas Europe

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