Urban climate information study for Linz

Photo of the City of Linz in Upper Austria

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Linz wants to adapt the city to the new – hotter – climate and has therefore commissioned Weatherpark 2019 to conduct a basic study on urban climate information. The aim of the survey was to record the present status of currently available urban climate information (state of the art, availability, etc.), the handling of this and recommended measures for an adaptation to the climate crisis.

For this purpose, the available information was collected, assessed and compiled in interviews with the responsible bodies at the city of Linz, the province of Upper Austria and other stakeholders ( e.g. current research projects, weather service, etc.). These interviews also served to raise awareness among the interviewees. The research produced some positive findings: Linz gets fresh, i.e. cool air, especially in the Haselgraben rift valley area. Furthermore, previous subsidies for roof, facade and courtyard greening have already had an effect.

The following recommendations for further measures resulted from the study:

  • Creation of an urban climate plan – including heat and cold hotspots – in order to know and protect climatologically sensitive areas
  • Based on this, concrete measures and action concepts against urban overheating, for example optimization of urban ventilation, planting trees, erecting spray walls
  • Maintaining fresh air supply, especially in the area of the Haselgraben rift valley
  • Employment of an urban climatologist in the town hall
  • Installation of a climate advisory board that advises the city and supports and coordinates projects
  • Further training for the city’s employees on a broad level, so that they are sensitized to the topic and can actively participate in climate change adaptation

In August 2019, the study was presented to the public at a press conference. The study is now also available for download on the City of Linz website.

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