Competition Quartier 3 in Graz Reininghaus

© Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

© Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

The planning of the urban development area Graz Reininghaus called for special emphasis on securing fresh air corridors. The prize-winning architects Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler had consulted Weatherpark in the early stages of their planning for the section “Quartier 3”. The building consists of a two-storey podium zone with protruding punctiform (building) structures. Thanks to the advice provided by Weatherpark, the architects positioned the structural high points so that most air currents are able to flow freely through “Quartier 3”.


© Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler / Schreiner-Kastler

Weatherpark Services
Advice regarding the preservation of fresh air corridors
Advisory services for an architectural competition entry (winner)

Basic data Quartier 3 in Graz Reininghaus
Plot size: 23.000 m², about 400 rented and owner-occupied flats (from 35 to 110 m²)
Business area: some 13.000 m²

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