aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside

Plan of aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside

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aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside as a major urban expansion area provides particularly interesting assignments for Weatherpark. Weatherpark has been participating in this project with micro-climatological advisory services together with the team of wien3420 AG from the master plan phase of the first construction stage. Studies foccussed on the analysis of the planned road infrastructure and cubic capacity. Streets which – due to their alignment – would have been prone to wind canalization were identified as well as public squares that would have had low wind comfort because of adjacent distribution of cupid capacity. These sites received special attention in the following detailed planning. A permanent weather station provides the necessary data for advisory services.

For detailed planning of the different construction areas Weatherpark advises the respective developers separately. Aim of the advisory services is to define measures for improvement of wind comfort in the open areas.

Peter Hinterkörner, project manager urban development, Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG:
“Planning of public space stands at the very beginning of the development of aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside. Many factors are to be considered when developing vibrant locations. Therefore, it was clear to us to look into future wind conditions at a very early planning stage to be able to intervene on different levels of scales and planning. Weatherpark supported us from the beginning with commitment and professionalism – from flow simulations of the urban planning model to the development of recommendations for action for architects and landscape designers, to the examination of building designs. Their constant technical refinement and ample professional networking make Weatherpark a valued partner for the development of a new part of town.”

Wind simulation of aspern Vienna's Urban Lakeside

Wind simulation

Weatherpark’s services
Wind comfort study
Recommendations for the master plan and individual constructions areas
Long term weather station for several years

Basic data aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside
240 ha of land – one of the largest urban development areas in Europe
8.500 residential units for 20.000 residents
20.000 jobs
Location for research, development and education in Vienna

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