Hamburg Rehagen (Germany)


Logo of the City of Hamburg GermanyFresh, cool air is an important requirement for being able to sleep at night during a summer heatwave. In cities, so-called cold air corridors often provide fresh air from the urban outskirts for more densely populated areas. For a planned housing complex in the north of Hamburg, Weatherpark looked into the influence of the new buildings on the formation of cool air and its transportation to adjacent settlement areas. By using specialist software for calculating cold air systems, a comparison of the current situation with the planning status was carried out. It showed that the effects on the fresh air supply are minimal, thereby preserving the nightly cooling effect for residents.

Planning advice card with information regarding cold air outflows in Hamburg, Germany

Planning advice card with information
regarding cold air outflows

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Interpretation of existing climate analysis in Hamburg
Quantification of the change cold air flows caused by the new development buildings

Client / Project partner
Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
District office Wandsbek
Department for urban and landscape planning


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