Villaggio Parndorf, Austria

Photo from the Villagio Parndorf

© Villagio Parndorf

The Parndorf Plain in northern Burgenland is – visible over long distances by means of numerous wind power stations – well-known for its high wind speeds. It was thus important in the construction phase of the Villaggio Shopping Center to take local wind conditions into consideration and ensure high wind comfort in open areas. The study focused on the arcades in front of the shops and the access from the parking area. Building sections were arranged in such a way that the largest possible areas are in the lee. In addition, the arcades themselves and the planting of trees serve as wind protection measures.

Weatherpark’s services
Wind comfort study for arcades
Advisory services for lounge area al fresco

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Number of visitors: more than 4,2 million annually
Rental area: more than 10.000 m²

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