Praterstern flying roof, Vienna


The picture shows the flying roof at the station Praterstern in Vienna.The study shows to which extent the new flying roof can protect passengers from wind and bad weather. Weatherpark analyzed wind conditions and behaviour of wind-driven rain in the surroundings of the flying roof. A wind climatology was developed as a basis for the flow analysis. For this purpose, Weatherpark operated a weather station at Praterstern. For the estimation of wind-driven rain conditions a climatology of precipitation was combined with wind conditions. As a result, Weatherpark could show how weather conditions move precipitation beneath the flying roof and to which extent waiting passengers would be affected.

Weatherpark’s services
Analysis of wind conditions
Analyse of wind-driven rain

Basic data
approx. 200.000 passers-by in train station area per day
one of the most important traffic hubs of the federal capital


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