ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) Headquarters

Rendering of the new Austrian Federal Railways headquarters in Vienna

© tomaselli.vs. / Zechner & Zechner

The new Austrian Federal Railways headquarters are located directly to the south of the new Central Railway Station Vienna which has been partially opened in 2013.

This building was one of the first to be planned in the urban development area Central Railway Station Vienna. Weatherpark advised the jury and building owner already during the competition. After Zechner & Zechner Architects had won with their design, wind comfort moved to the center of attention of the project. The particularly slender building is aerodynamically shaped, the narrow side of which is now pointing to the prevailing wind direction. Therefore the corporate headquarters offer only little contact surface to the wind, which is diverted to the left and right. Strong turbulence around the building is therefore avoided.

Weatherpark’s services
Advisory services during the architectural competition and preliminary examination
Wind comfort study

Basic data
Total area: 46.000 m² for 1.600 employees

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