Erste Campus, Vienna


The objective of this study was to define wind comfort and quality of stay on the open areas of the Erste Campus and improve both at problematic sectors. First, a diagnosis of the flow field was established, based on a sound wind climatology with local wind measurings. Then, the wind situation at the Erste Campus was simulated using flow simulations in a flow mechanical computational model and linked with regional climate data.

The study focused on the garden level on the 2nd floor, the public passage from East to West, and the main entrances. Together with Immorent Hot-Spots were defined and measures for improvement of wind comfort developed in two steps – together with architects, open space planners and the client. Thus, on the garden level pleasant areas for staying were established and the main entrances were positioned at low-wind areas.

Rendering of Erste Bank Campus in Vienna


Weatherpark’s services

Diagnosis of flow field
Planning of optimum wind comfort

Basic data Erste Campus
Total area 2,5 ha
approx. 117.000 m² aboveground
about 4.000 jobs




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