NV Arena St. Pölten (A)


The NV Arena is home of the National Football League Club SKN St. Pölten and offers 8000 roofed seats. As there has often been a strong draft in the stands, Weatherpark was commissioned to develop windscreen measures. Based on generated wind simulations, Weatherpark defined the best position for wind protection meshes together with the client and a sports facility expert.

The meshes prevent the frequently occurring wind from southwest from blowing below the roof of the stadium and in parts of the stalls. Instead, the wind will be deviated and thus blow over the roof.


Weatherpark Services:
Development of windbreak measures for the stands of the NV Arena

Basic data NV Arena:
Football stadium in the capital of the Province of Lower Austria, St. Pölten
Home of National Football League Club SKN St. Pölten

Capacity of 8.000 spectators
Among the 25 largest football arenas and the 30 largest sport stadiums in Austria

Province of Lower Austria

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