Austrian Post at St. Rochus square

Rendering of the new Headquarter of the post office in Vienna

© Schenker Salvi Weber Architekten ZT GmbH / feld72 architekten zt gmbh

The Austrian Post puts up its new corporate headquarters at Vienna’s Landstraßer Hauptstraße. The EU-wide architectural competition was won by the Vienna architectural office Schenker Salvi Weber together with feld72 architects. In the planning phase for the building – designed for 1200 employees – , the question arose which sun protection device would be suitable for the wind conditions along the facade. Thus, Weatherpark was commissioned to create an analysis of wind conditions around the building. The aim was to show the distribution of frequencies of wind force two-dimensionally at each window. Weatherpark’s computer simulations showed which wind speeds had to be taken into account in the window recesses along the distinctly screened facade. Based on these frequency statements, the architectural offices could choose the suitable sun protection product.

“The favoured blinds should not go up too often due to wind conditions because otherwise the demand for cooling energy for the building during summer would rise. On the other hand, we had preferences regarding costs and design which should be met by the sun protection device. By means of the analysis, an objective basis for decision-making was available which allowed us in this case to use the desired blinds”, Astrid Jagersberger, staff member of feld72 architects explains.

Furthermore, the Austrian Post wanted to ensure pleasant wind conditions on the roof terrace of the building. Weatherpark examined whether the planned height of the balustrade would be sufficient. In a mutual coordination process with both architectural offices the suitable height was eventually determined by means of a comparative study. The balustrade will now be high enough to serve as wind protection. At the same time it restricts the view only marginally so that both a pleasant visual appearance and an enjoyable view are realised at optimised costs.

Weatherpark’s services
Diagnosis of wind conditions along facades and on the roof of the building.
Advisory services regarding choice of suitable sun blinds and measures to improve wind comfort on the roof terrace.

Basic data Post at Rochus square
49.300 m² total useable space
Commercial and service area: 5.500 m²
1.200 jobs

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