Monte Laa in Vienna

Rendering of the new skyscraper named Monte Laa in Vienna

© HNP architects

At Vienna’s Laaer-Berg-Staße in the 10th district two residential towers (65 m and 100 m in height respectively) are being erected.

In the planning process Weatherpark developed solutions for a pleasant wind climate for open areas around the two towers in close co-operation with the client. Initially, wind measurements were taken at the Porr-High-rise building on the neighbouring property. Then, flow simulations for the different development phases were carried out.

The purpose of the wind comfort study was to ensure pleasant wind comfort in the entrance areas and public passage-ways as well as sufficient wind protection for the adjacent school and the nearby park.

Weatherpark Services
Wind comfort study
Development of necessary measures

Basic data Monte Laa
Residential tower at site 3 “ML 3”
Height: approx. 100 m (33 stories)
341 rental flats, 100 apartments with service staff
Owner: Erste Immobilien Alpha Monte Laa GmbH & CoKG
Residential tower at site 5 “ML 5”
Height: 65 m (20 stories)
128 privately financed apartments, 100 publicly funded flats, 71 student hostel rooms
Owner: „My Sky“ Verwertungs GmbH & CoKG + Wohnbauvereinigung für Privatangestellte Gemeinnützige GesmbH

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