Rivergate, Vienna

Bild von Rivergate, einem Gebäude in Wien neben der Donau


The aim of this study was to analyze wind comfort and quality of stay in the open areas around the new building „Rivergate“ at Handelskai 92 in Vienna’s 22nd district. First, the flow field was diagnosed based on wind climatology. Weatherpark installed a weather station on the roof of the underground station Handelskai which enabled data transfer of longterm time series from a weather station to the site, so that local wind climatology was available. Using a meteorological and flow mechanical computational model, areas with reduced and high wind comfort were pointed out to our client. The insights gained served as a basis for further plannings and use.

Apart from wind comfort, two further micro-meteorological questions were answered. One being the expected depth of snow on parts of the roof of the building as its shape would very likely bring an exceedance of the standard value. The second being the distribution of wind speed along the facades in order to install adequate blinds.

Picture of the building Rivergate in Vienna near to the Danube


Weatherpark’s services
Wind comfort study
Calculation of expected depth of snow
Study of wind speed at facades for choice of blinds

Basic data Rivergate
50.000 m² rental space for offices, shops and restaurants
2.500 m² work space
162 m² for outdoor dining area
100 parking spaces for bicyles


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