Citygate, Vienna

Rendering of the skyscraper Citygate in Vienna

© Citygate

The Citygate project is being realized in Vienna’s 21st district at Wagramer Straße, consisting of two high-rise buildings, several base buildings and a shopping center. Weatherpark was commissioned by Stumpf Development Gmbh to look into the wind comfort situation on the balconies of the high-rise residential buildings. Each floor of these two buildings (with 28 resp. 36 floors) was replicated in the computational model and the wind situation for 16 wind directions analyzed. The client received the distribution of wind comfort conditions on each of the circumferential balconies of the two buildings, 80 resp. 100 meters high. In an interactive process between the client and Weatherpark, results were used to develop adequate wind shield precautions.

One more Rendering of the skyscraper Citygate in Vienna

© Citygate

Weatherpark’s services
Wind comfort study for balconies
Development of wind shield precautions

Basic data Citygate
74 privately financed condominiums
332 publicly funded rental apartments
50 Shops for an extensive shopping experience
Large parks with children’s playground (open to the public)

Stumpf Development Gmbh


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