Weatherpark GmbH

Our team of experts consisting of experienced meteorologists and technicians offers advisory services, compilation of studies, action planning and expert monitoring of calls for proposals and competitions in the following fields:

Windcomfort für geplante und bestehende Bauwerke sowie Plätze, © Stefan Wecker, Zechner & Zechner

Wind comfort

Pleasant wind conditions in open spaces around buildings and on public squares can be planned and achieved.The goal is a sense of well-being for residents and passers-by and long term successful exploitation of real estate. Continue

Humancomfort durch angenehmen Wind, Sonne und LuftfeuchtigkeitHuman comfort

In addition to wind conditions, the human comfort expertise looks into further meteorological factors such as the sun, temperature and air humidity. Thus, thermal comfort is achieved. Continue


Mikroklima-Beratung und -Studien von Weatherpark


By analyzing the specific geographic situation and local wind currents, the influence of future buildings on city ventilation can be calculated and simulated. Continue


Spezialstudien zu Wind und Wetter von WeatherparkSpecial Studies

We will be pleased to conduct studies regarding specific meteorological questions such as the spreading of pollutants and ventilation for basement garages and other transportation facilities, snow deposition, wind-driven rain and permanent wind measurements. Continue

Meteorologische und IT-Kompetenz aus einer Hand von Weatherpark


Due to our expertise in the fields of meteorology as well as IT we are able to develop special software which fulfills every desired meteorological functionality and which may be integrated in existing systems. Continue

Our aim is to sustainably secure quality of life of inhabitants and users of buildings, districts and whole cities and optimize the level of comfort for people.

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