Weatherpark officially certified as research institution

Since founding the company more than 13 years ago, the meteorologists at Weatherpark have been participating again and again in research projects. Apart from attending expert conferences, this is of high importance to the company in order to be in the know regarding new findings in the field of Urban Climate and its co-development.

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Weatherpark has now been certified as an official research institution by the Bundesministerium für Inneres (Austrian Federal Ministry for the Interior). The certification war preceded by an expert opinion of the FFG (Öst. Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft – Austrian Research Promotion Agency) which confirms Weatherpark’s purpose of research on the basis of its articles of association and current research projects.

At present, Weatherpark contributes to two research projects, both of which are headed by the AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology):

  • The “LiLa4Green” project explores how “green oases” (parks, open squares, green areas, greenery in streetscapes, green facades) can be established despite high population density and utilisation in the city. Weatherpark is in charge of analysing meteorological data micro climatically.
  • The second research project “CLUDEX” studies the climatic consequences when full advantage is taken of zoning regulations.

Link to the Website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior with all certified research institutions in Austria (in German):