Gate 2, Vienna


The high rise building Gate 2 by Dutch star architect Winy Maas is being put up in Vienna’s third district. The 116 meters tall building is characterized by a particularly tapered form. The striking middle part has many advantages: better exposure to light for nearby buildings, an intact visual axis to and from the gasometers and higher wind comfort on the ground. Thanks to the recesses in the middle of the building the downdrafts that develop at the facades are mostly channeled away from the building. Therefore, less air reaches the ground at high speed. This makes a stay around the high rise building more pleasant. In the course of the project related advisory process the wind comfort on the free areas was improved in cooperation with the architect – starting with the realization competition up to the diagnosis of wind conditions in the computational model.

Skyscraper Gate 2 in Vienna


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Basic data Gate 2
Height of tower: 116 m
30 floors
Floor heights of 3 m to 3,5 m enable use as apartments and offices

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