Unicredit Bank Austria Campus, Vienna

UBAC Rendering © Boris Podrecca ArchitektenIn the area of the former North Station close to the Praterstern in Vienna, the new corporate Headquarters of the Unicredit Bank Austria, the so called Unicredit Bank Austria Campus (UBAC), comes into being. Weatherpark participated in this project from its competition phase, regarding micrometeorological issues. At first, guidelines and key issues for the contestants were formulated. Then, at the preliminary examination, the field „wind comfort“ was covered. The next step was diagnosis of wind comfort conditions on the open space of UBAC.

The objective of the diagnosis was to point out areas of the project with high wind comfort and define areas with potential for improvement (so-called Hot-Spots). Evaluation and suggestions for improvement in this phase referred to facade design and shape and orientation of buildings. Suggestions for improvement of facade design, open space planning as well as street furniture will follow with the development of wind shield precautions in the next step of the study. They will be implemented in the course of the preliminary design.

UBAC SimulationWeatherpark’s services
Advisory services during competition phase and preliminary examination
Diagnosis of wind comfort conditions
Assessment and suggestions for improvement
Development of protective windbreak measures

Basic data
Total floor area: 200.000 m²
Office space for more than 9.000 people
Renting: partly corporate headquarters of Unicredit Bank Austria
Hotel with 200 rooms, company restaurants and company kindergartens
Company medical centre
Shops for local supply