Special studies

Auf Anfrage bietet Weatherpark verschiedenste Spezialstudien an, zum Beispiel über Schlagregen.

We will be pleased to conduct studies regarding specific meteorological questions:

  • measuring and analysis of wind speeds at facades for the selection of suitable blinds
  • dispersion of pollutants and ventilation for basement garages and other transportation facilities
  • snow deposition
  • wind-driven rain
  • permanent wind measurements including the provision of data.

Please contact us for further inquiries.

We conduct (longterm-) measurements with our own weather stations. A suitable location is chosen and the station set up adequately, according to requirements. Data is regularly checked for quality and is then at your disposal for further processing. We will also be pleased to assess data climatologically.

Please take a look at our “references” for some special studies carried out by Weatherpark according to customer requests.