M. Ratheiser on the Executive Board of the Wind Engineering Society

The Wind Engineering Society (WtG) has as its aim the promotion of wind technology in both research and application, as well as establishing uniform standards. A further goal is the building of bridges between science and practice.

Weatherpark manager Matthias Ratheiser has now taken the position of WtG Committee Member Representing Austria, and will represent the country to this international society.

“I would like to expand the network of the WtG in Austria and engage in the development of further guidelines”, Ratheiser describes his motivation for assuming this honorary position, and is therefore member of the WtG Committee on wind comfort, which works toward a WtG-fact sheet for a uniform strategy and assessment of wind comfort in pedestrian areas, especially in and around large buildings.

Matthias Ratheiser’s report on ‘Wind Comfort as a New Criterion during Building Certification ÖGNI” is available in German in the WtG report No. 15, published in Autumn 2017.

For more about the Wind Engineering Society, please refer to: http://www.wtg-dach.org (in German)